single women & lingerie

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From the dawn of ages women have been buying lingerie to wear for pretty much two reasons: 1. To make themselfs look and feel sexy for theirself or Their significant other and 2. To hide a flaw or ecsentuate a perticular body part.

But now things have shifted from underwear as outerwear and from ‘for him’ to ‘all about me’ . This actually brings us full circle as lingerie in the 19th century was more about covering certain flaws, tucking things in and holding them up as oppose to ‘romance time’ 

Certain lingerie items in the 19th century was worn as outerwear. Corsets and baskts was the norm as outerwear but somewere down the line it got voted as underwear and put in the intimate category. I can’t deny that for me alot of corsets and baskets do belong in the intimage category but, one thing I must say is you don’t need a man to wear lingerie.

Too often I hear people say ‘when I get a man ima start wearing lingerie’ and ‘I wish I had a man to wear lingerie for’ .One thing we fail to realise is we should do it for ourselfs first. yes its way more fun having a private audiance to unvail that dope set you just brought i get it but lingerie doesn’t have to start and end with having a man. Lingerie is one if thee most empowering articles of clothing. The feeling we get from wearing that statement bralette set or that raunchy body harness is way to precious to saver for being in a relationship.wether its under your workclose, to bed, under your hijab or as outerwear, that empowering sexy feeling we get should be embraced with or without a bae.

what do you think? man or no man you still down for the glam up or nah?

By N.S. Sam