Lingerie virgin Intervention

By admin —

I was surprised to learn that many people I know do not, have not and care not to wear lingerie. Be it they  have a partner or a husband, They have never really dressed up for a kinky night in , or a romantic night in! A bra and knickers is as far as they go. This did take me back a little , yeap, major shock moment here. I get it if you are early 20’s and under but fully grown, late 20’s and over. Is there really an excuse big enough to explain why some women over 30 in relationships have never really wore lingerie????

I  get tragic circumstances that might alter our physical appearances and for these warriors i truly couldn’t comment on, i am not referring to these beauties.

However, insecurities will definitely  play a massive role in wanting to dress up in something sexy for ones boo, money, confidence, comfort zones all too play a huge role in determining whether or not  we reach for that kinky outfit, so I do get the “road blocks” so to speak. I get there are many reasons, but to never not once, not at all seems rather drastic.

Whether your love life needs spicing up or not, It is always a good idea to dress up in a little lingerie every now and again. Underwear doesn’t count as lingerie in my eyes so let’s ditch the bra and knickers (except for under our clothes of course) And let’s pop that cherry with something sexy that you are  comfortable and happy with.

The choices are endless when it comes to choosing an item of lingerie. Even If you are not a girly girl, there is a style to match and meet every woman’s character,taste and body type. I recommend you start with something very comfortable, a babydoll or a bralette set just to ease you in. If a body harness and strappy teddy isn’t your thing that is perfectly fine, but something is.

Regardless of how fine your man  is about you never dressing up in the bedroom for him, his day will be absolutely brighter with you wearing something sexy, and regardless of how great you feel, you will feel all the more greater.

Try it, pop that lingerie cherry and let me know if im right .



By N.S.Sam

(Founder and director)