Before You Can Please Him, You Must Please Yourself First.

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I have been married nearly ten years now and if there is one thing i have to say …. You cannot bring a lot to the table until you have reached a level of self love and contentment first. In today’s social  society, self love is promoted more then ever before which is amazing, but I feel a lot of people still lack the real importance of this. We need to love ourselves by getting to know ourselves – Sounds cray but hear me out; There are millions of beautiful people out there  right now who have no real clue who they are, what they really want and there infinite potential that lies dormant within them . They go through relationship after relationship having the same issues  feeling unfulfilled.

By getting to know yourself you have to delve deep within , look at the way you are, reflect back on your past,  truly understand why you do what you do, think how you think, asking yourself a a hundred questions and facing yourself to answer them honestly. This is no quick process as I feel self evaluation is a life long process. But in time be it four days, weeks, or months , you will start to get to know  yourself more, what and why you want the things you do and start to develop a love and deeper understanding. All this comes after the realisation of who you are that is. It is almost like being intimate with yourself, where you will spend more time alone in thought , finding things to occupy your time that you are passionate about and love. As you do this you will “know thy self”more and become more self conscious.

I think it is a must, that we do  things that we love, have our own interests separate from our spouse. Hobbies, business, girl time, etc, this will fill your cup so to speak,so when you go to your partner you arrive with your cup full,not demanding that they fill up your cup or that they  make you happy because you are already achieving this. They just add the cherry on top to this already evolving masterpiece. you are taking care of you first , you are  In-to-me-see.

Now that you are taking care of yourself and maintaining this threw out in whichever way works for you, you will bring soo much more to your relationship in every way. Romantic nights out, dressing up for your loved one will be approached with more confidence.

I believe, through becoming more intimate with ourselves, It lessons our physical insecurities as we will grow to accept and even love them. That raunchy statement piece lingerie set we never once saw ourselves wearing, we might be more inclined to try with this new found confidence. A habit of trying new things and doing more of the things that is pleasing to ones partner will also increase.

Taking care of/ pleasing /loving yourself before your spouse  does not mean being selfish. Certain times we do need to make sacrifices. But finding that balance of filling your own cup and finding your own passions and fulfilling some of your own needs will literally empower your life and add more to everything in your life.

Try it, start the process and empower yourself, then your spouse xx


by N.S.Sam

(founder and Director)

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