5 Keys To A Better Love Life

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Now, I may not be no expert but I have lived and I have loved and If there is one thing I can talk on, It is relationships and marriage. Everybody I know is either married, in a long term relationship, divorced, or just coming out of a long term relationship. That coupled with my own experiences and being that shoulder and ear through moments of the good and bad, the ups and downs,I have realised afew things that can help add that “va va voom” back into relationships.

Love yourself: I no I am a “self lover” advocate and if you have read my previous blog posts I may be starting to sound like a broken record! but in my defense, loving yourself is the key, the door, damn the castle to success in anything. Getting to know yourelf, your emotions, wants, needs and your love language…All of that. Get In-to-me (but with you, you know- intimate) with yourself and fall inlove with your life. All of the above will lead to a happier, healthier more balanced you and ultimately the more you become the more you can give, which leads to…

Putting your spouse first: In this ever changing “I don’t need no man” shift in society I may sound like I’m from the 50’s with this heading!! but Ino you can also somewhat agree that considering your partners wants, needs and desires is a must. Somethimes we can be so wrapped up in life and the stresses that a long term relationship can bring that we don’t realise that some strains can be eased by simply putting your partner first. side note – we don’t give to receive but trust me ladies, it will be reciprocated and help!

Date night: Weather you have a small army of kids like myself or a demanding work life, it is so easy to overlook our spouces and take that quality time for granted. That is why date night or date day is so important. wether its once a week, fortnight or month , take that time out were it is just you and your boo, reconnecting, engaging together. It doesn’t have to be at night or even cost a penny, A walk, trip to the beach, movies, restaurant, this is all part of….

Romancing your partner:

LADIES, 3 Words, lingerie lingerie, oh, and lingerie. Get into itttt. Men are simple beings and if there is one thing we can unanimously agree upon it is ” A lil lingerie never hurt nobody” (well, that’s if were not talking on a sado masochist vibe) Wearing lingerie not only sets the mood for a romantic night in, but it can make one feel empowered, makes us feel sexy and to him, of course look sexy.It is also a form of……

Communication. Communicating is so underated!! overlooked and misunderstood in 2018, and I say that to say, Today with so much methods of communicatijng ( phones, tablets, laptops, social media,text emails etc) Many couples are not really communicating effectively. Like, nothing beats face to face,where a real conversation can happen were contexts aren’t distorted. Keeping the lines of communication open is vital for any worth while relationship.

so ladies, That’s the five keys, if you think I have missed any keys please comment below some things you find useful and if you know somebody in need of this, share the love.

by N.S.Sam (founder and owner)

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